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Since 1998

Gárgula Gótica was founded in 1998. It all started when two newly grad students with a common passion for stone carving, and all the tooling behind it, decided to create a company with the aim of giving continuity to an almost lost art – stonemasonry


Our co-founders are experts in the field of stone carving, and from the early days made sure that we hired a wide range of experts in the field: from stone carvers, to stone sculptures and technical and artistic designers; but also people with backgrounds in molding, geology and conservation and restoration.


With such a vast range of experience, we can make sure that each piece of work we create is not only unique, but also carefully created taking into account our customers’ vision. We value our customers, and we always aim to give each one of them a personalized treatment, making sure that, at the end, all pieces are crafted to perfection.


We also are proud to take on and execute a wide range of projects, no matter how complex they can be. In our portfolio of work we count with several different types of projects: conservation and restoration of older stone carver work dated back to the late 1300s; creation of statues, busts,  logos, religious art, and details to ornamental architecture; but we also work closely with world-renowned designers to create beautiful design pieces.


We can proudly say we bring to life anything you can dream of. Assuring you that we’ll have a team of specialists and detailed focus crafters working hard to bring your piece to life.

In Gárgula, we develop projects in several areas, be they more traditional or with strong design strand. Get to know some of these projects.

Already know our brand?

Alongside the areas above, Gárgula has created MANTA – Handmade Stone Design, its own brand, designed to absorb and publicize all stone work that reflects a more design-focused approach.

Visite the official page of MANTA and get to know this mark that covers us with pride!

Where to find us

Gárgula Gótica

Zona Industrial, Lote 17 – Jardoeira
2440-474 BATALHA
Phone: +351 244 767 122
WhatsApp: +351 962 946 165
Mobile Phone: +351 966 423 047  
Skype: gargulagotica
Email: mail@gargulagotica.pt

GPS: 39° 39′ 57″ N  /  08° 50′ 41″ W

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